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Firefox Multi Tab Rows after v74

7. February 2021

Starting with Quantum you could no longer have Firefox have multiple tab rows. There were some plugins doing that, but they stopped working. For a while there was a hack where you do some complex css modifications in userChrome.css, but that hack stopped working on Linux with Firefox 74 or so.

With a patch created by Izheil you can now download a little program that fixes some firefox files to enable multi tab rows (and other stuff). Just Download latest Multirow-Patcher-Quantum-Nox-Installer-Linux-1.7.10.elf from here, make it executable and open in it terminal. You then get a simple dialog where you choose your settings and submit with the “Patch” button down below on the right:

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  1. […] Go to about:config in the browser location bar and search for setting browser.tabs.tabMinWidth in the search field on top. When you found it, click on the little pencil on the right to edit. If you change the number it takes effect immediatly, you do not have to restart firefox. I use this in combination with the quantum nox patch for multiple tab rows. […]

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