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Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver install problems on ASUS ROG GL753VD

31. July 2018

Got a new notebook with better graphics card today: ASUS ROG GL753VD – it came with a Linux preinstalled I have never heard before: Endless OS. Since its Debian based i considered keeping it first, but the packages were outdated and the desktop environment a mix of old desktop with panel at the bottom and app launcher icons centered in the desktop – I did not like it very much. I am just to used to the GNOMEshell experience by now. So i tried to install current Ubuntu 18.04.1 and had several problems.

First, I was able to boot into the live environment, but did not know, you need to create a small efi partition nowadays – so grub refused to install. Then booting into the install environment did not work at all any more. After some research I found this askubuntu question. The simple solution is to add acpi=off as a boot parameter by selecting the line in the boot list and press “e”. Then the boot process worked again and i was able to install. But the shutdown froze again and I had to do a forced restart by holding the power button until shutdown.

The fresh installed system froze at boot up again, so I added acpi=off to the new grub loader too and finally got into my new Beaver.

Just to find out, that Linux was only recognizing one core of the 4×2 CPU. Also I experienced the sudden increase in fan activity mentioned in the askubuntu questions accepted answer. So I installed sudo apt install nvidia-387  like suggested there. I also installed gnome-session, which gives you the plain GNOME experience without all the ugly ubuntu customizations.

I rebooted – the system froze again and had to be forced to shutdown – but then it suddenly booted even without me adding the acpi=off to the boot options. And it then correctly recoginzed the 8 threads of the cpu core. I was excited and tried a restart, and yes – it did not freeze anymore and restarted as expected into my new GNOME session.

Everything seems to work now – except the keyboard lightning is always completly red. So much about my little odyssey.

One response to “Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver install problems on ASUS ROG GL753VD”

  1. Markus René Einicher says:

    This notebook does not seem to work with Linux very well. Optimized for Windows 10.

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