The Code must do the talking.

WordPress: add sorting function from pages (menu_order) to posts

17. September 2019
There is a quite simple way to add the sorting function from WordPress pages (called menu_order) to the post form. Just put this in your themes functions.php file:

Fix black fields in Firefox on Ubuntu 18.10 with dark theme

25. February 2019
Like mentioned here got to about:config, right click and add new key widget.content.gtk-theme-override and then value “Adwaita”. It will make firefox use the light theme for native operating system gui ..

Gparted not starting on Ubuntu 18.04

8. August 2018
After upgrade to bionic beaver Gparted did not start anymore. When starting in console I got this error: Turns out, this is a problem with wayland and can be solved ..

Ubuntu: get real GNOME shell experience

Ubuntu canceled their own unity desktop and switched to GNOME shell. Of course they customized it their ugly own way (Although the Ubuntu font is very nice, most other graphical ..

Calling nodeJS APPs via IP:Port stopped working after Ubuntu Upgrade

After i upgraded my server to Ubuntu 18.04 and installed iRedMail suddenly all my nodejs scripts that were listening to a port with http server were no longer accessable by ..

Magento2: Show grand_total in Minicart

3. August 2018
One of our customers needed the minicart to show the grand_total because of the huge quantity discounts they give. The Minicarts view file is Magento_Checkout/templates/cart/minicart.phtml. For the grand_total to work ..

Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver install problems on ASUS ROG GL753VD

31. July 2018
Got a new notebook with better graphics card today: ASUS ROG GL753VD – it came with a Linux preinstalled I have never heard before: Endless OS. Since its Debian based ..

WordPress: Get second Menu Level only

25. September 2015
This function returns the second nav menu level of a wordpress custom menu according to the current active page.

How to add preview thumbs to your WordPress RSS2-Feed

4. September 2015
I searched a while to find an elegant solution to add preview thumbs to your WordPress RSS2-Feed. Most „solutions“ I found just append the image to the excerpt or content. ..

Solution: Roundcube Error 500 on Ubuntu 13.10

30. December 2013
Today I tried to install roundcube several times on my new server. I could connect to my imap mail accounts with thunderbird from home but not with roundcube on the ..