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ZIP whole dir with deno

28. June 2021
Compressing a whole directory as a zip archive is actually quite trivial, its just not well documented (by now): If you need the archive for direct output you use method ..

Real Android splash screen with Cordova

8. February 2021
Cordova offers a splash screen plugin that initializes the splashscreen way too late on Android: as long as the webview is not loaded, you just see an empty window. Looks ..

Firefox Minimum Tab Width

7. February 2021
You do not have to use userChrome.css to set min-width of Firefox Browser Tabs. There is a setting for that in about:config. Go to about:config in the browser location bar ..

Firefox Multi Tab Rows after v74

Starting with Quantum you could no longer have Firefox have multiple tab rows. There were some plugins doing that, but they stopped working. For a while there was a hack ..

WordPress: add sorting function from pages (menu_order) to posts

17. September 2019
There is a quite simple way to add the sorting function from WordPress pages (called menu_order) to the post form. Just put this in your themes functions.php file:

Fix black fields in Firefox on Ubuntu 18.10 with dark theme

25. February 2019
Like mentioned here got to about:config, right click and add new key widget.content.gtk-theme-override and then value “Adwaita”. It will make firefox use the light theme for native operating system gui ..

Gparted not starting on Ubuntu 18.04

8. August 2018
After upgrade to bionic beaver Gparted did not start anymore. When starting in console I got this error: Turns out, this is a problem with wayland and can be solved ..

Ubuntu: get real GNOME shell experience

Ubuntu canceled their own unity desktop and switched to GNOME shell. Of course they customized it their ugly own way (Although the Ubuntu font is very nice, most other graphical ..

Calling nodeJS APPs via IP:Port stopped working after Ubuntu Upgrade

After i upgraded my server to Ubuntu 18.04 and installed iRedMail suddenly all my nodejs scripts that were listening to a port with http server were no longer accessable by ..

Magento2: Show grand_total in Minicart

3. August 2018
One of our customers needed the minicart to show the grand_total because of the huge quantity discounts they give. The Minicarts view file is Magento_Checkout/templates/cart/minicart.phtml. For the grand_total to work ..